Spare parts and service

Non OEM Rotary Atomizer Spare parts

CMT supplies non OEM spare parts for the most popular model of atomizers brands, as well as for their own atomizers.

All the spare parts supplied by CMT are state of the art manufactured with same or better materials as the originals, carefully checked in tolerances, perfectly interchangeable and competitive in price.

For CMT, quality is the most important thing. Any part is checked from our QA before being delivered to the customer.

Many of the most popular and common parts are kept in CMT stock for a fast delivery time.

Atomizer Service

The Rotary Atomizer is the key component in a spray dryer plant and it is vital that every service performed on it is a masterpiece

A team of very skilled technicians are dedicated to work only on rotary atomizers on which they have acquired over the years of activity great skills and knowledge, that are fundamental to guarantee to customers the quality and reliability of the service performed.

CMT Atomizer workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to operate on atomizers in correct and safe way. Nothing is improvised.

Every Rotary Atomizer after being serviced undergoes to a specific test running where all the functions are constantly monitored as overall vibration, spindle vibration, bearings temperature, lubrication. Wheel is inspected for possible degrading effect and if no critical, balancing is checked. Test running can be performed both when empty or under load with water (up to 15ton/h feed rate.)

CMT Atomizers service department is fast in response and your atomizer is delivered back to your plant from few days to few weeks depending on size and entity of the repair.

CMT experts are also able to perform their service on-site worldwide, in case the customers don’t want to deliver the Atomizer outside of their plant.

Maintenance contract programs are available in different and flexible form.

CMT can provide for existing atomizers, refurbishing, modernization, implementation and upgrade with safety systems (including Atex compliance)

Let's our experience work for you. Prevention is always better than cure.

Service program for atomizer wheels

Atomizer wheel is a key component in a rotary atomizer and since it rotates at high speed, it is consequently exposed to very high centrifugal forces and high levels of stress.

Careful monitoring of the condition of the atomizer wheel and regular maintenance is essential to prevent any dangerous incident.

CMT service program for atomizer wheels is available at CMT Atomizer factory for any type of wheel.

Wheel is carefully inspected for possible degrading effects.

With special equipment, the wheel is monitored and CMT experts can determinate if it’s still in safe conditions, if it should be repaired, or not considered suitable for safe use.

The service procedure includes the balancing, the spin test and the final certificate.

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