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CMT atomizers are designed with the most modern design technologies 2D and 3D.

For the design of new atomizers and atomizer components and the upgrade of existing units, CMT applies a variety of technologies to achieve first class results:

  • CMT atomizers are designed with the latest software programs for 2D and 3D design
  • All critical parts are undergoing a stress calculation by using the FEM (finite element method) and FEA (finite element analysis)
  • In cooperation with the Polytechnical University of Milan, CMT has developed and implemented a software dedicated to the monitoring and simulation of vibrations (RAFT – rotor analyzer flexural torsion). This software has supported CMT to optimize the design with respect to minimizing damage caused by vibrations.
  • Computational Fluid dynamics. CMT uses CFD methods to design atomizer wheels and liquid distribution systems, as every product has unique physical fluid dynamical properties.
  • Reverse Engineering. You might require parts of which CMT has no technical details to analysie or reproduce for you. In such case CMT applies the laser scanning method as a first step to have sufficient design data for a further analysis. Going further CMT would apply the same methodological steps as described above.


CMT design and manufacture machines and parts under its own brand-Any reference to other names, part number or series is purely indicative


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