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Service contract of preventive maintenance


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Atomizer Service

The atomizer is the heart of the production in a spray dryer plant, and it is a component exposed to the most extreme operation conditions.
Therefore it is very important that it is well maintained and is always in perfect condition in order to prevent downtime in production and possible break-downs.
CMT offers a valid assistance service including spare parts supply and maintenance service/repair for any kind of atomizer:

• On–site service:
Wearing parts are replaced
Atomizer operation is optimized

• Service in CMT workshop:
The atomizer is carefully subjected to a complete check-up.
The atomizer is completely disassembled.
With specific instrumentation is carried out a detailed tolerances control on all the main components.
All the wearing parts are changed (bearings, gaskets, bearing guide etc…)
All the parts/components that don’t give guarantee of reliability for the scheduled time of operation are changed/repaired
The wheel is carried out to a specific controls to check the wearing state and the safety working.
Balancing control is performed. Balancing certificate is generated.

After the reassembling the atomizer is carried out to a test running and controlled for a minimum of 4 hours.
If the test running is positive is issued a certificate with 6 months of guarantee.

• Service contract of preventive maintenance:
This service can be managed on site or in CMT workshop.
At agreed intervals planned with the customer one our expert inspects the atomizer.

Service strategy

• Availability of our best technicians to solve the customer problems
• Excellent speed of response
• Atomizer upgrade and retrofits
• Fast delivery of spare parts
• Competitive cost of spare parts
• Spare parts and service for any atomizer brand

Service program for atomizer wheels
Atomizer wheel is a key component in a rotary atomizer and since it rotates at high speed, it is consequently exposed to very high centrifugal forces and high levels of tensile stress.
Careful monitoring of the condition of atomizer wheel and regular maintenance is essential to prevent any dangerous incident.
CMT service program for atomizer wheel is available at CMT factory for any kind of wheel.
Wheel is carefully inspected for possible degrading effects.

With special equipment the wheel is monitored and determines if still in safe conditions, if it should be repaired, or not considered suitable for safe use.

The service procedure include the balancing, the spin test and the final certificate


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