Rotary Atomizer: a key element in spray drying process

The selection and operation of the atomizer is of primary importance in achieving economic production of TOP-QUALITY dry particulate products.

CMT is proud of its propensity to meet “precisely” and “effectively” customer requirements.
The correct phase of atomization depends on factors specifics of the product to be treated, on geometric elements / atomizer at the same time constructive and operating parameters such as speed, temperature and of course also by the interaction between them.
Viscosity, surface tension, solid content of the liquid feed as well as the shape and geometry of the wheels used, type of distribution, use of support fluids such as nitrogen or steam are decisive variables for the efficiency of the process.

CMT Rotary atomizers production program:
CMT atomizers production cover the range from pilot and laboratory size to large industrial production, from 1kg/h to  in liquid feed.
Wheel sizes available from D 50 to 500mm, and speed, related to atomizer/wheel size, from 5.000 to 60.000 rpm.

GMP, Hygienic Design, ATEX design are available in CMT Rotary Atomizers production program.

Applications are in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dairy and Flue Gas Cleaning industries.







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