Rotary wheels installed on atomizers, produce highly-homogeneous sprays over a wide range of mean droplet sizes. Atomizer wheels have important operational features.

The characteristics of the spray can be adjusted by changing the rotating speed and by selecting the most appropriate type of wheel based upon the characteristics of the product to atomize, and the target specifications in terms of final particle size.
A correct choice of the wheel, virtually excludes any possibility of clogging.

The wheel is one of the mainly component of the atomizer, and it is the most stressed part because of:

    • High rotating speed ( up to 250 m/sec) means high centrifugal forces
    • Contact with abrasive, corrosive products, or with a combination of both
    • Contact with high temperature of process air for drying

For this reasons at CMT all the wheels are manufactured with top-quality materials and according to certain procedures and specifications.

All the wheels are carefully statically and dynamically balanced.

Based on product specification and properties wheel materials available are:

    • Super Duplex Steel 2507 (Standard material)
    • Hastelloy C276
    • Hastelloy C2000
    • Inconel
    • Titanium
      For abrasive products, special wheel design are available:
      • Wheel with a special low temperature diffusion process which increases surface hardness to 1000-1200Hv
      • Wheel with inserts
      • Wheel with inserts and wear plates
      Inserts include nozzles made in technical ceramics as:
      • Sintered Alumina
      • Silicon Carbide SiC
      • Boron Carbide hot pressed
      • Tungsten Carbide

Wheel Design
There are many wheels design of different dimension ad geometry.
Dimension is related to atomizer size and atomizer speed
Geometry is related to application and powder specification required.

The most common wheel design are:
Standard drilled holes
Straight vanes ( low and high)
Curved vanes ( low and high)
Cup wheel
Inserts with nozzles
Inserts with nozzles and wear plate
Other special design wheels are also available


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