Interchangeable parts

Interchangeable parts

non OEM parts

CMT’s Interchangeable parts

Non OEM Spare parts:

CMT provides the customer with a complete supply of non OEM spare parts for any kind of atomizer. (GEA NIRO particulary)
We are supported in this by a reverse engineering technology to survey complex objects with three-dimensional laser technique, satisfying the most stringent demands for quality assurance and reliability.
Any spare part may be subjected to laser scanning on both the client site and in the workshop CMT.
All the spare parts supplied by CMT are very high quality parts, manufactured with same or better materials as the originals, carefully checked in tolerances, perfectly interchangeable and very competitive in price.
For CMT quality is first. Any part is checked from our QA before delivered to the customer.
Many of the most popular and common parts are kept in our stock for a fast delivery time.

  • Drive shafts (spindles)
  • Wheels of several measures and configuration
  • Wear plates for wheels
  • Inserts for wheels with spray nozzles in various ceramic materials
  • Bearing housings
  • Guide shaft bearings in carbographite /special bronzes
  • Springs for guide bearings
  • Transmission joints
  • Liquid distributors of the product in several configurations
  • Transmission groups (gears, toothed wheels, helicoidally screws, pulleys)

CMT design and manufacture machines and parts under its own brand Any reference to other names, part number or series is purely indicative.


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