CMT Parts

CMT Parts


After sale market is one of fundamental value for CMT Customers

The focus on cost reduction, commitment to quick delivery, call to continual improvement and customer proximity, are essential prerequisites for CMT.

The final objectives include:

  • Align maintenance activities with the needs of the company
  • Reduce damage to the equipment and losses
  • Increase uptime and reliability
  • Reduce total cost of maintenance in a sustainable manner

Root Cause Analysis

In the event of unexpected failures material, CMT works in partnership with its clients-partners to identify the true root cause of the defect and plan activities to prevent the recurrence.

It uses the information to define measures to prevent failures in the future.

This process analyzes typically three types of fault causes:

  • Causes physical or technical
  • Human errors for acts committed or omitted
  • Organizational systems, operating procedures.

The benefits include:

  • Increased productivity of resources
  • Increased reliability of existing capacity
  • Increased usage time
  • Increased staff satisfaction through the achievement of business and production


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