CMT Atomizers – the only independent manufacturer of first class rotary atomizers worldwide for spray drying plants – has introduced a new industrial standard for the production of battery powder in China. Battery powder, often a synonym for a lithium complex as for example lithium iron phosphate, is a compound used in modern rechargeable power systems for electrical cars and buses, cellular phones or tablet computers.

The batteries need to have a high energy density to reduce the specific size and weight. In addition they shall be fast recharging and function over many charging and discharging cycles. The development of such batteries require the main compound to be at the highest quality. Battery producers demand a very fine powder with a very narrow particle size distribution. For this specific application CMT has developed an optimized wheel design which narrows the particle size distribution by 50% when comparing with industrial standard wheels or twin fluid nozzle processes. The wheels are assembled to CMT high speed atomizer units and operate at wheel speeds of up to 200 m/s and produce an extreme fine droplets spray. All supplied units are built to latest EX standards for operation in factory environments with solvent containing atmospheres.

All projects were managed by CMT CHINA in Shanghai. CMT China has a city office and a workshop in the suburbs of Shanghai. In the workshop CMT will store the most common spare parts for the regional market. Our service team will be able to provide maintenance of rotary atomizers directly in Shanghai with the support of CMT specialists from Europe and China.

The installed CMT machines in China are currently producing 150,000 tons per year of finished battery powder. CMT expects to double the installations within this year.


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Shanghai, April 2017

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